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[san-tech][03344] SmartOS from Joyent (ZFS, DTrace, KVM (OS-based virtualization (Zones)), Crossbow)

Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2011 22:35:03 +0900
Sun DTraceの開発功績で、Technology Review, MITの TR35に選出された
Bryan Cantrill氏が移籍した Joyentから、(illumosベースの) SmartOSが

"Joyent Announces SmartOS With KVM: An Open Source, Modern Operating System"

 KVM on SmartOS provides entrepreneurs and enterprises highest performance
 and profit potential through best of breed cloud technologies
 August 15, 2011

  "... today announced that it has ported KVM to its operating system,
   SmartOS. SmartOS turns any server into a highly efficient,
   multi-tenant application hosting platform.  The open source project
   offers innovative tools for application developers looking for
   reliable, resilient storage and efficient virtualization that
   Joyent has tuned and hardened for modern, data-intensive real-time
   (DIRTy) application deployment."

※このプレスリリースでは Illumosについて触れてません。

SmartOS: The Complete Modern Operating System

"SmartOS incorporates the four most revolutionary OS technologies of
 the past decade - Zones, ZFS, DTrace and KVM - into a single operating

OSes Booted under SmartOS Native KVM…to date
  SmartOS 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, Windows Server 2008 R2, FreeBSD 8.1 32-bit
  Plan 9 from Bell Labs, Seventh Edition, FreeBSD 4.9, Haiku OS, OpenBSD
  QNX 4.25 (from a 1.44 MB floppy image), Weenix

"SmartOS is comprised of the Illumos kernel (with ZFS, DTrace, OS-level
 virtualization and next-generation KVM) with BSD package management and
 a GNU toolchain."

Joyent SmartOS FAQ
What kind of OS license is SmartOS using?
  "SmartOS is distributed under the file-based CDDL license, and under
   the MIT license where stated. The KVM work is licensed under GPL."

前置き (?) が長くて申し訳ありませんが以下のスライドがお勧め:

"Experiences porting KVM to SmartOS"
 Bryan Cantrill, Vp, Engineering, Joyent
 KVM Forum 2011, August 15th 2011


WTF is SmartOS? (Page 1)
  As an illumos derivative, has several key features:
    OS-based virtualization (Zones):
    Network virtualization (Crossbow):

Enhancement: OS Virtualization (Page 22)
  *)illumos has deep support for OS virtualization
  *)While our implementation does not require it, we run KVM guests in
    a local zone, with the QEMU process as the only process
  *)This was originally for reasons of accounting
  *)...but given the recent KVM vulnerabilities, it has become a matter
    of security

Enhancement: Network virtualization (Page 23)
  *)We create a virtual NIC (VNIC) per KVM guest

Enhancement: DTrace, cont. (Page 27)
  *)Orthogonal to this work, we have developed a real-time analytics
    framework that instruments the cloud using DTrace and visualizes
    the result
 これだけ DTraceを前面に出しているのだから、標準と期待しています。

関連 Blog、記事等々
SmartOS Blog

"KVM on illumos"
 AUGUST 15, 2011, Jackson West, joyent's weblog
 This post originally appeared on

"Son of Solaris raids Linux for KVM hypervisor"
 Joyent erects 'first major hypervisor' in half decade
 15th August 2011, The Register

  "In essence, KVM is running as a process inside the SmartOS containers,
   Hoffman says, allowing the hypervisor to tap the plumbing the company
   has already built into the operating system. "KVM looks like a process
   on SmartOS, so you can take a normal operating system and you can run it
   as a virtual machine and you can take advantage of everything you do
   with command and control around a process.""
 Hoffman, the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Joyent,

"Joyent Open Sources SmartOS for the Cloud
 August 15th, 2011, Data Center Knowledge

Six Data Centers in North America
  "Joyent, which received an infusion of funding from Intel in 2009,
   runs six data centers in North America with a client mix that
   includes large enterprises in the gaming, media, mobile and
   e-commerce sectors. It sells software, SmartDataCenter, that runs
   entire data centers."

"Joyent launches a new OS for the cloud"
 Aug. 15, 2011, GigaOM

Resources, Joyent

あれ? 日本語サイトがある


 September 9, 2005, The Observation Deck (Bryan Cantrill氏個人 Blog)

KVM Forum 2011 | Schedule, August 15 - 16, 2011

  Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 20:03:24 +0900

  Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2010 08:48:42 +0900
> 「OSS仮想化機構KVMについての調査」
>   登録日付:2010/07/08

 [san-tech][02026] USENIX LISA '09 (09/11/1 - 6)、2010/01/24
> Thursday, November 5, 2009
> Awarded Best Paper!
> "Crossbow Virtual Wire: Network in a Box"
>  Sunay Tripathi, Nicolas Droux, Kais Belgaied, and Shrikrishna Khare, 
>  Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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