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[san-tech][03335] OpenDRAC (Re: "Ciena's Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller Released As Open Source Software", 2010/06/03)

Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2011 20:18:37 +0900
一年以上前の投稿への自己レスですが、Ciena Dynamic Resource Allocation 
Controller (DRAC)、元は Nortelの技術は、既に

the Open Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller

サイトが用意され、すでに OpenDRAC 4.1.0 (June 2011) が公開されてました。


Cienaの中の Blog
"Q&A with Ciena DRAC expert Paul Runnels"
 19 Jul 2010, Ciena Insights

"Ciena DRAC Goes Open Source for Network Control"

 Ciena open sources Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller,
 technology it acquired from bankrupt Nortel technology
 for managing network path control.
 Jun 7, 2010, EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet
  "Ciena is open sourcing a technology called the Dynamic Resource
   Allocation Controller (DRAC) under the GPLv3 license. DRAC provides
   a solution for abstracting network resources and enabling users
   to provision dynamic on-demand lightpaths.

   The approach could provide a new method for connecting large
   and disparate networking assets."
  "Ciena acquired the DRAC technology through its $774 million purchase
   of Nortel's optical networking and Metro Ethernet business units."
  "DRAC is already in use on Ciena's commercial equipment today and
   Runnels said that he expects it to be a mainstay in its portfolio going
   forward. Now that the DRAC technology is open source it could also
   end up in products from other vendors in the future as well.

   Ultimately, Ciena envisions DRAC growing into a user-provisioned
   network services tool supported by multiple vendors."
 Paul Runnels, a member of Ciena's product line management team

Research and education organizations限定ではなかったようですね。

On Wed, 16 Jun 2010 21:09:50 +0900
> Cienaからプレスリリースがありました:
> "Ciena's Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller Released As Open Source Software"
>  06/03/2010 
> ただし、
>   "Research and education organizations can now accelerate development 
>    of dynamic and on-demand end user control of network resources for 
>    high performance network applications"
>   "today announced that the company's Dynamic Resource Allocation 
>    Controller (DRAC), intelligent middleware for provisioning dynamic 
>    on-demand lightpaths across different networks, has been released as 
>    open source software. By publicly publishing the source code, 
>    individuals and organizations in the research and education community
>    can collaboratively contribute and evolve the software to support the
>    advanced networking requirements of scientific researchers worldwide."
> ....
>   "For additional information on Ciena's collaboration with the research 
>    and education community, please visit: 
> で、
> Ciena - Network solutions for the research and education industry
> なんですが、Open Source関連の情報は見つかりません。
> Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller (旧称 Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation 
> (DBA)?) 関連資料 (White Paper)
> Search results: Dynamic Resource Allocation Controller
> White Paperへのアクセスには登録が必要です。

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