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[san-tech][03605] Slide: 23rd Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop (MEW23), 27, 28/11/2012

Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2012 09:11:08 +0900
2012年11月 27, 28日に開催された

23rd Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop (MEW23), 27 and 28 November 2012


MEW23 - Agenda

例えば (講演順と異なります)

"CARMA cluster: The ARM+GPU HPC computing platform"
 Piero Altoe - E4 Computer Engineering S.p.A.
"The Boston Viridis ARM Server - addressing the power of challenges of exascale?"
 David Power - Boston

"Application Performance on Sandy Bridge Processors"
 Martyn Guest - ARCCA, Cardiff University

"Inside Kepler"
 Jeremy Purches - NVIDIA

"Which Tape Drive for HPC?"
 Steve Mackey - Spectra Logic

"High speed ethernet: HPC and big data"
 John Taylor - Gnodal

"Dynamic Disk Pools - Delivering Worry-Free Storage"
 Didier Gava - NetApp
  "DDP dynamically distributes data, spare capacity,
   and protection information across a pool of drives"
Dynamic Disk Pools, NetApp
SGI InfiniteStorage 5000 (IS5000)
SGI InfiniteStorage 5500 (IS5500)

"Managing multi-petabyte disk systems using GPFS Native RAID"
 Crispin Keable - IBM
"IBM recasts Power 775 .... super as big data muncher"
 23rd Nov 2012, The Register
 [san-tech][03416] IBM GPFS Native RAID & USENIX LISA '11
  09 Dec 2011

"Accelerating and Simplifying Apache Hadoop with Panasas ActiveStor"
 Panasas White Paper, Nov 2012
"Hadoop - It's Simple with Panasas"
 Nov 12, 2012, Barbara Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer, Panasas
 Company Blog
"Panasas Gets Real About Hadoop"
 Nov 23, 2012 Nicole Hemsoth, datanami
"Panasas Signs Technology Partnership with Hortonworks"
 Oct. 16, 2012

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