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[Links] ARM related links (2012/12/25 - 2013/01/07)

ARM Server DAY (2012/12/21) での発表資料の改訂版:
ARM Server DAY 20121221-ver.1.5, Dec 22, 2012
"Ceph と Microserver":お手軽に準備した資料 (時間の都合で未発表)

"$135 ARMBRIX Zero Exynos 5 Development Board Is Now Available for Pre-order"
 December 26th, 2012, CNXSoft
  Exynos 5 Dual  ARM Cortex A15 Dual
  2GB DDR3  X32, 800MHz
  1x Ethernet RJ45
  Power Supply – DC 5V, 3A
  PCB Dimension – 95X85mm

"Glibc 2.17 Supports 64-Bit ARM, Improved Features"
 December 16, 2012, Phoronix
  "This major update introduces AArch64 (64-bit ARM) architecture support
   and other new functionality. "

"Linaro 12.12 Release Now Available"
 Dec 20, 2012
Release Information

"Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) Releases its 12.12 "Engineering Preview""
 Dec 20, 2012
Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) 2012.12 "Engineering Preview" Release

"ARM CoreSight Support Published For Linux"
 Dec 20, 2012, Phoronix
ARM CoreSight

ARM Cortex-A Series 

ARMv8 Architecture

ARM Cortex-A50 Series

"ARMv8 Technology Preview"
 Richard Grisenthwaite, ARM Ltd, ARM TechCon 2011

[Video List]: "ARMv8 Technology Preview" (1 - 4)
 2011/11/04, ARMflx

Early Access to ARMv8 with Virtual Platforms

"ARM Goes 64-bit"
 August 14, 2012, David Kanter, real world technologies

"ARM TechCon 2012 - Simon Segars Keynote"
 2012/10/30, ARMfix
  Keynote launching the Cortex-A53 & Cortex-A57 processors

 "Brian Jeff highlights the ARM Cortex-53 processor"
 2012/10/30, ARMfilix
  ARM's most efficient application processor
"Nandan Nayampally highlights the ARM Cortex™-A57 processor"
 2012/10/30, ARMflix
  ARM's highest performing processor

"Go Big or Go Home, ARM’s new Cortex-A53 and –A57 Redefine the Company’s High End"
 November 28, 2012, EE Journal

 2012年11月19日、ロードマップでわかる!当世プロセッサー事情 ― 第178回
 ”ARMの次世代64bitコア Cortex-A57/A53はこんなCPUだ”
 2012年11月26日、ロードマップでわかる!当世プロセッサー事情 ― 第179回
 ”ARMコアは当面デスクトップにはこない? AMDのロードマップ”
 2012年12月03日、ロードマップでわかる!当世プロセッサー事情 ― 第180回

 2012/12/5, 後藤弘茂のWeekly海外ニュース、PC Watch

 2012/12/5, PC Watch


”仮想化道場:64ビット化でサーバー分野に進出するARMプロセッサ ”
 2012/12/14、クラウド Watch

big.LITTLE Processing

"Big.LITTLE Processing with ARM Cortex-A15 & Cortex-A7"
 Peter Greenhalgh, ARM, September 2011

"Advances in big,LITTLE Technologyfor Power and Energy Saving"
 Brain Jeff, ARM, September 2012

"Update on big.LITTLE scheduling experiments"
 Morten Rasmussen, Technology Researcher, ARM
 LPC2012, Aug 29-31, 2012

"ARM big.LITTLE Technology"
 2012/10/25, ARMflix, 1:19
"ARM big.LITTLE Overview and demonstration"
 2012/10/25, ARMflix, 7:07

"ARM & Linaro - big.LITTLE FAQ"
 2012/10/18, ARMflix, 26:20
  ARM's big.LITTLE Prodcut Manager, Brian Jeff and Linaro's CTO, David Rusling
  discuss live the most FAQ on big.LITTLE 

"Big.LITTLE Processing Implementations and Current Status"
 Nov 26th 2012, CNXSoft
"KVM/ARM", M. Zyngier, ARM
 LPC2012, Aug 29-31, 2012

"Xen on ARM Cortex A15"
 LPC2012, Aug 29-31, 2012

Linux Plumbers Conference 2012 (LPC2012), Aug 29-31, 2012
Resources (slides and videos)

X-Gene, APM
X-gene, World's First 64-bit ARM - Applied Micro(APM)

 "Applied Micro demos FPGA version of X-Gene at ARM Tech Con"
 2012/11/01, EE Times
  "... FPGA version of its X-Gene 64-bit ARM server SoC running what he claims are a full range of Web applications ..."

"AppliedMicro Shows ARM 64-bit X-Gene Server on a Chip Hardware and Software"
 2012/11/03, Charbax
  At ARM Techcon 2012

"Applied Micro shows off X-Gene ARM server prototypes"
 26 Nov 2012, The Register
  X-Compute card
    1 X-Gene processor(8 64-bit cores), 128GB, 3 GbE and 1 10 GbE
  X-Memory machine
    2 X-Gene processor(16 64-bit cores), 256GB, 3 GbE and 2 10 GbE
    1 X-Gene processor(8 64-bit cores), 32GB, 11 3TB SSD + 3 1TB SSD (36TB)
    1 GbE and 1 10 GbE

Samsug Exynos 5 Dual

Brochure File (Jul. 16, 2012)
Users Manual (Nov. 29, 2012, Ver. 1.0)

"Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Powers the New Google Chromebook"
 Nov. 21, 2012

Samsung Chromebook

Arndale Board
Online Shopping

"Arndale Board Exynos5250 ARM Cortex-A15 Mali-T604 Development Board"
 2012/11/01, Charbax

"$135 ARMBRIX Exynos 5 Dual Cortex A15 Development Board"
 Dec 16th, 2012, CNXSOFT

2012/12/26 "$135 ARMBRIX Zero Exynos 5 Development Board Is Now Available for Pre-order"
 December 26th, 2012, CNXSoft
  Exynos 5 Dual  ARM Cortex A15 Dual
  2GB DDR3  X32, 800MHz
  1x Ethernet RJ45
  Power Supply – DC 5V, 3A
  PCB Dimension – 95X85mm

Nvidia Tegra 4 
"NVIDIA Introduces World's Fastest Mobile Processor"
 January 6, 2012

  Tegra 4 Key Features
  • GeForce GPU with 72 custom cores
  • Quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, plus a 2nd Generation Battery Saver Core
  • Computational Photography Architecture
  • LTE capability with optional Icera i500 chipset
  • 4K ultra-high-def video support
"Nvidia Tegra 4 to Feature 4 Cortex A15 Cores, 72 Graphics Cores"
 Dec 19th, 2012, CNXSoft

"NVIDIA Publishes Their Next-Gen Tegra 4 Code"
 Dec 20, 2012, Phoronix
  a quad-core ARM Cotex-A15 processor plus a low-power companion core,
  72 GPU cores, 28nm

Texas Instruments
"A better way to cloud: TI's new KeyStone multicore SoCs revitalize cloud applications, enabling new capabilities and a quantum leap in performance at significantly reduced power consumption"
 Nov 13, 2012
  "With an unmatched combination of TMS320C66x DSP cores, ARM Cortex-A15
    MPcore processors, packet processing, security processing and Ethernet

Linaro: Open source software for ARM SoCs

Linaro Enterprise Group (LEG) Roadmap
[PDF] 2012Q4

[Slide/Video]: Linaro Connect (LCE) 2012, Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2012

  • big.LITTLE Mini-Summit
  • CPU Hotplug, RCU, and big.LITTLE
  • Peeking into your Linux System
  • Android Mini Summit
  • LCE12 ARMv8 Plenary
  • big.LITTLE TC2 update
  • etc...
Linaro Connect (LCE) 2012, Oct 29 - Nov 2, 2012, Building the Future of Linux
on ARM

"Industry Leaders Collaborate to Accelerate Software Ecosystem for ARM Servers,
 and Join Linaro"
 1 Nov 2012
"AMD, AppliedMicro, Calxeda, Canonical, Cavium, Facebook, HP, Marvell and Red Hat join existing Linaro members ARM, HiSilicon, Samsung and ST-Ericsson to form new group focused on accelerating Linux development for ARM servers"
"Facebook joins Linaro Linux-on-ARM effort"
 2nd Nov 2012, The Register 

"Jon Masters of Red Hat talks about LEG Linaro Enterprise Group, porting Linux on the 64bit ARMv8"
 2012/11/12, Charbax

"Four-Way ARM Linux Distribution Comparison"
 Nov 7, 2012, Phoronix
  – Dual-core Cortex-A9, OMAP4460(TI)
  – Ubuntu 12.10, Linaro 12.10, Fedra 17, Arch Linux

"osc12: openSUSE ARMs", 2012/10/23, opensusetv
 The openSUSE Conference, Oct 20 - 23, 2012

"osc12: Alternative architectures: ARM", 2012/10/23, opensusetv
 The openSUSE Conference, Oct 20 - 23, 2012

"openSUSE 12.2 for ARM is Now Available for Beagleboard,Pandaboard, Efixa MX and More",
 November 7th 2012, CNXSoft

"ELCE 2012 slides: porting Linux to new ARM SoC"
 Nov 11, 2012, Free Electrons Blog
  "Your New ARM SoC Linux Support Check-List"

"Fedora Begins Bootstrapping ARMv8"
 November 22, 2012, Phoronix

Architectures/ARM/AArch64, FedoraProject

"Linux 3.7 ARMs for the Future"
Dec 11, 2012, ServerWatch
"Linux 3.7 arrives, ARM developers rejoice"
 Dec 11, 2012, ZDNet

"An Overview Of The Linux 3.7 Kernel"
 Dec 09, 2012, Phoronix
  - 64-bit ARM support a.k.a. ARMv8 / AArch64.
  - ARM Xen virtualization support for the Cortex-A15.
  - A single ARM Linux kernel now
"Whee. After an extra rc release, 3.7 is now out.", 10 Dec 2012
"Linux 3.7 Release"
 Dec 11th 2012, CNXSoft 

"Oracle's Java SE server compiler now on ARM"
 30 Jan 2012, David Therkelsen, Java Platform Group, Oracle, Guest Partner Blog, ARM Blogs

"The State Of 64-Bit ARM (AArch64) On LLVM/Clang"
 November 20, 2012, Phoronix

2012 LLVM Developers' Meeting, November 7-8, 2012

"LLVM/Clang vs. GCC On The ARM Cortex-A15 Preview"
 Dec 01, 2012, Phoronix
  Samsung Exynos 5 Dual within the Chromebook
  GCC 4,6,3, 4.7.2, 4.8.0 SVN, LLVM/Clang 3.0 


"10 top startups to watch in 2013", 12/21/2012, EE Times

"Calxeda Finds a New Market in Storage"
 Dec 27, 2012, GigaOM

"What is a “Server-Class” SOC?"
 December 12, 2012,
 ARM Server Now!, Calxeda perspectives on ARM®-based servers and
 the data centers that need them

"Calxeda Lays Out a Vision for the Hyper-Efficient Datacenter"
 Oct 17, 2012
 Plans Include New Platforms for Cloud and Warehouse-Scale Datacenters

  Midway (2013): CortexA15 ARM, 2nd Gen. Fabric, dynamic power and routing optimization for public and private clouds

  Lago (2014): 64-bit ARM V8, Enhanced Fabric, 3rd generation scaling features, called the Calxeda Fleet Services 

"How To Train Your Calxeda EnergyCore"
 3 Dec 2012, Naoto MATSUMOTO, Senior Researcher, SAKURA Internet Research Center

"Comparing Calxeda ECX1000 to Intel’s new S1200 Centerton chip"
 Dec 11, 2012

Boston Viridis (Calxeda EnergyCards)
Boston Viridis - ARM Microservers

"The Boston Viridis ARM Server
  - addressing the power of challenges of exascale?"
 David Power, Boston Limited
 23rd Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop (MEW23), 28/11/2012
Penguin Computing (Calxeda EnergyCards)
"Penguin Computing’s New High Density System Ultimate Data X1 Brings
 ARM’s Low-power Footprint To The Data Center"

"Penguin Joins Microserver ARMs Race"
 October 18, 2012, Michael Feldman, HPCwire

Scalable Informatics (Calxeda EnergyCards)
"Scalable Informatics Announces New Extreme Density JackRabbit Featuring
 Calxeda EnergyCore Processors"
 November 13, 2012

   Calxeda 12 Energy cards (192 cores), 240TB (60 bay) in 4U

"Can't wait for Nvidia? Try these Italian baby ARM clusters with GPU options"
 19th November 2012, The Register

E4 CARMA cluster

NVIDIA Tegra 3 ARM Cortex A9 Quad-Core, 2GB
NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 96 CUDA® Cores, 2GB

CARMA DEVKIT、国内では ELSAさんが取り扱っています:

"CARMA cluster: The ARM+GPU HPC computing platform"
 Piero Altoe - E4 Computer Engineering S.p.A.
 23rd Daresbury Machine Evaluation Workshop (MEW23), 27/11/2012

"SECO: an interview about ARM-based Embedded Computing"
 2012/07/25, SECOEmbedded, 3:54
"SECO CARMA KIT at work at E4 HPC Workshop - NVIDIA CUDA GPU on ARM"
 2012/09/26, SECOEmbedded, 0:43

Mont-Blanc Project

"Tibidabo: Making the Case for an ARM Based HPC System"
 Technical Report

"Mont-Blanc: European approach towards energy efficient HPC",
 2012/11/21, BSCCNS, 2:00

"Mont-Blanc project selects Samsung Exynos 5 Processor"
 13 Nov 2012

MontBlanc @ SC12
"1st Year Progress 2nd Year plans"
 Alex Ramirez, Project Coordinator
 BoF: Exascale Research - The European Approach

Intel Atom S1200
"Intel Delivers the World's First 6-Watt Server-Class Processor"
 2012/12/11, IntelPR

Intel Atom S1200 Product Family
  Press Materials

"Comparing Calxeda ECX1000 to Intel’s new S1200 Centerton chip"
 Dec 11, 2012

"Microserver Market Heats up: Intel Atom S1200 (Centerton) Announcement"
 2012/12/11 Perspectives James Hamilton's Blog
Quanta S900-X31A
  Intel Atom S1200 product family, DDR3 x1/node, GbE/node, 10GbE SFP+ uplink,
  24 or 48 nodes, 3U

"Intel launches Atom S Series at servers",
 11th Dec 2012, The Register
  ARM doesn't have 64-bit (yet), so it isn't a server chip (yet) 

"AMD Slams Intel's Atom S Processor: ''Too Little, Too Late''"
 Dec 11, 2012, Tom's Hardware,19701.html
"AMD Blasts Intel for Atom S1200 "Centerton" Microserver CPU"
 12/12/2012, Bright Side of News* (bsn*)

”仮想化道場:サーバー向けのAtomプロセッサが登場、2013年はマイクロサーバー元年となるか? ”
 2012/12/13、クラウド Watch 

"Intel and ARM vendors start server war (of words)"
 Dec 14, 2012, SemiAccurate

"Intel Atom In Servers: Will It Be Enough To Compete With ARM?"
 12/19/2012, Bright Side of News* (bsn*)

"Samsung Arndale Board Exynos 5 Dual Benchmarks"
 Nov 21, 2012, Phoronix

"ARM Cortex-A15 Exynos5 Compiler Benchmarks"
 Nov 24, 2012, Phoronix
  Samsung Chromebook: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS(Linux 3.4 kernel)
  GCC 4.6.3 vs.GCC 4.7.2

"ARM Cortex-A15 vs. NVIDIA Tegra 3 vs. Intel x86"
 Nov 29, 2012, Phoronix
  Samsung Chromebook(Exynos 5), Tegra 3, Atom N270, Atom Z530, Atom D525,
  and Core i3 330M

"ARM Cortex-A15 GCC Compiler Tuning Performance"
 Dec 04, 2012, Phoronix
  here's some compiler tuning benchmark results as found in the Samsung
  Exynos 5 Dual with the Samsung Chromebook
"Designing Better Servers with RapidIO"
 Devashish Paul, Senior Product Manager, RapidIO (IDT)
 Server Design Summit 2012, November 27-28, 2012
   "RapidIO and ARM Based Server"
  Get the Server Design Summit Proceedings

"Future Coherent Interconnect Technology for Networking Applications"
 11 Dec 2012, Michael Merluzzi, LSI, Guest Partner Blog, ARM Blogs

"How does LSI envision the next generation of ARM networking SoCs?"
 Nov 28, 2012, SemiAccurate

"ARM主催のイベント「ARM Technology Symposium 2012 Japan」にデルのプロトタイプサーバ製品を参考出品"
 2012-12-2, Dellコミュニティ

"Technical University Munich opens ARM-based Games Engineering Laboratory"
 11 Dec 2012, ARM Blogs
  TI OMAP3539 ARM Cortex-A8 & STMicroelectronics

"Altera and ARM Announce Industry's First FPGA-Adaptive Embedded Software Toolkit"
 Dec 12, 2012

YouTube Channel
ARM The Architecture for the Digital World

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