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[san-tech][03587] Dell Ventures Announces $60 Million Early Stage Storage Investment Fund

Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 20:40:14 +0900
Dellの投資部門会社の Dell Venturesが、ストレージスタートアップ企業に
総額 $60 Millionの投資計画をアナウンスしました。
※ 5~10社に ラウンドあたり $3-5M。

Dell Venturesからのプレスリリースはありませんが、

"Dell Is Fueling the Next Big Thing in Innovation -
 Dell Ventures Announces Early Stage Storage Investment Fund"
 17 Jul 2012, Jim Lussier, The Official Dell Corporate Blog
  "While on stage at Fortune's Brainstorm Tech conference today,
   Michael Dell announced a $60M early stage investment fund,
   the Dell Fluid Data Storage Fund. We have set our sights on investing
   in five to ten promising storage startups. We plan to obtain equity
   positions in these innovative companies, with average investments of
   $3-5 million per round."
  "Our storage investments will align to the Dell Fluid Data architecture
   strategy with the end game of bringing more affordable and easier
   to manage storage solutions to more of the market."

Dell Fluid Data
"Dell Fluid Data Architecture Advancements Unify and Protect Storage"
"Dell Fluid File System", Dell White Paper, March 2012
  "... As a core component of the Dell Fluid Data architecture,
   Fluid File System brings differentiated value to the various Dell
   storage offerings. It is a network attached storage (NAS)
   file system accessed using CIFS and NFS protocols, but it has features
   and enhancements that make it unique, as discussed in the remaining
   sections of this document."

Fortune's Brainstorm Tech:
"Dell Ventures launches fund for storage startups"
 July 17, 2012, Fortune Tech
  "Storage represents one of several big opportunities for Dell,
   as the company tries to transform itself from a PC maker to a provider of
   software, services and technologies used in data center. Sales of laptops
   and desktops still account for 54% of Dell's revenue, but CEO Dell says
   it's a "very different company that it was four to five years ago.""
  ""We've spent $5 billion on acquisitions just this year," said Dell.
   "The storage world is really getting shaken up a tremendous amount and
    you'll see us continuing our acquisitions in that area.""

Dell Ventures
Storage Fund initiative
"... We're funding cloud storage, memory based storage and next-gen-storage

"Dell Ventures Announces $60 Million Fund For Storage Startups"
 7/17/2012, Forbes

"Dell Announces the Creation of $60M Dell Venture Fund"
 07/17/12, Taneja Blog, Taneja Group

"Hey, starving storage wannabes! Michael Dell wants to give you CASH"
 19th July 2012, The Register

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