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[san-tech][03567] Slide/Video: HPC Advisory Council European Conference 2012, (June 17, 2012)

Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 08:36:41 +0900
2012年 6月 17日に開催された

HPC Advisory Council European Conference 2012

の Slideが公開されています。

The agenda for the conference

"Running GPFS over Obsidian Longbow",
 CSCS, Swiss Supercomputing Center
"HPC Market Trends and Forecasts, 2012",
 451 Research
"Gordon - Design and Performance of a 3D Torus Interconnect
 for Data Intensive Computing"
 Keynote, SDSC
 "SDSC Supercharges its 'Data Oasis' Storage System"
   06/04/2012, SDSC
    "a ZFS-based Lustre file system, a "Sequoia-like" file system"
"Fat-trees and Dragonflies - A perspective on topologies",
 Simula Research Laboratory
"The Next Gen in Storage Performance and Efficiency"
  Xyratex (ClusterStor 6000)
 "Slidecast: ClusterStor 6000 to Debut at ISC’12 with up to 1 TB/sec"
   06.14.2012, insideHPC
"Intel Cluster Ready"
"Ultra-low latency in the Cloud: How Low Can We Go?"
 VMware Inc
"New Accelerations for Parallel Programming"
 The Co-Design Architecture for Exascale SHMEM, PGAS and MPI
"Understanding Bulldozer architecture through Linpack benchmark"
"MVAPICH2 Project Update and Big Data Acceleration"
 The Ohio State University
"Towards Energy Efficient Exascale Computing"
 Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
 "ERE: A Metric for Measuring the Benefit of Reuse Energy from a Data Center"
   White Paper 29, 22 September, 2010, the green grid
 "Data Center Efficiency Metrics - PUE?, Partial PUE, ERE, DCcE"
   Technical Forum Presentation, 02 March, 2011, the green grid
"HPC at C-DAC: Capability and Capacity"
 C-DAC India

Videoは insideHPC.comで公開されています (徐々にアップロードされてます):
RichReport Channel, Youtube

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