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[san-tech][03479] Slide/Video: HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference 2012 (March 13-15, 2012)

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 08:54:12 +0900
2012年 3月 13日~15日に開催された

Slide: HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference 2012



 Storage: Future High Performance Parallel I/O with Lustre
  (Brent Gorda, Whamcloud)
 Storage: Increased Reliability of Large HPC Storage Deployments
  (Torben Kling Petersen, PhD, Xyratex)
 Storage: CSCS Relocation: Running GPFS over Longbow Infiniband
 Range Extension
  (Hussein Harake, Swiss Supercomputer Center)
 Storage: Active Cloud Engine/Active File Management using GPFS
 across WAN
  (Kalyan C Gunda, IBM)
 Building Highly Available SSD (56 pages)
  (Adam Chunn, Texas Memory Systems)

 Sponsorship session: (Xyratex)
 Sponsorship session: (DataDirect Networks)
 Sponsorship session: (Panasas)

 Intro to 3D Torus Architectures
  (Todd Wilde, Mellanox Technologies)
 Interconnect hands-on: Building you own InfiniBand FDR Cluster :
 Installation, optimizations, troubleshooting (67 pages)
  (Todd Wilde, Mellanox)
 Interconnect: InfiniBand, 3D-Torus topologies, SHMEM/PGAS interfaces,
 Offloading  and accelerations (26 pages)
  (Todd Wilde, Mellanox)
 Next Generation Subnet Management - BGFC (33 pages)
  (David Southwell, Obsidian Strategics)
 Communications: Accelerations for Big Data, Hadoop and Memcached
  (Dhabaleswar K. Panda, Ohio State University)
 Topologies: Fat-trees and Dragonflies - A Perspective on Topologies
  (Sven-Arne Reinemo, Simula Laboratory, Norway)

 Sponsorship session: (Gnodal) (21 pages)
 Sponsorship session: (Mellanox)

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