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[san-tech][03425] International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap, Part I: Applications & Systems (2011/11/30)

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2011 10:31:52 +0900
 Information Storage Industry Consortiumから、2011年 11月 30日に

International Magnetic Tape Storage Roadmap
Part I: Applications & Systems (60p)


International Magnetic Tape Storage Applications & Systems Roadmap

"The 2011 INSIC Magnetic Tape Applications & Systems Roadmap,
 released on November 30, 2011,"
"We believe that, thanks to the contributions of these individuals,
 the final report is balanced and credible, and delivers an optimistic
 outlook for tape storage going forward.  However, we also believe
 that this optimistic outlook will be fulfilled only if the tape
 storage industry continues to invest in the research and advanced
 development necessary to provide the future technologies that are

 The companion INSIC Magnetic Tape Technology Roadmap, which will
 detail the research and advanced technology developments required
 to achieve 128TB (native capacity) tape cartridges and drives
 by 2022, is scheduled for limited release in early 2012."

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