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[san-tech][03417] Slide: OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) at Supercomputing 11 (SC '11)

Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2011 13:47:35 +0900
Supercomputing 2011 (SC '11) での、OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) メンバー

This folder contains the presentations by members at Supercomputing 2011
(SC11) in November, 2011.

*) System Fabric Works: Demonstrating RDMA Protocols Over a 40 Gb/s WAN
*) Chelsio: How iWARP Helps in Implementing HPC Cloud Computing
*) Mellanox: InfiniBand FDR is Here! Enhancing MPI Performance and
   Scalability via Network Offloading
*) IBTA: InfiniBand Update Addressing New I/O Challenges in HPC, Cloud,
   and Web 2.0 Infrastructures
*) NetApp: Scale Storage from Seismic Depths to Sequoia Heights
*) Microsoft: Overview of RDMA on Windows
*) System Fabric Works: RDMA Over Converged Ethernet
*) Microsoft: Windows HPC Update
*) Software Forge: Writing Application Programs for RDMA Using OFA Software
   - Training Opportunities
*) Benefits of Membership

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