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[san-tech][03304] YouTube: Microsoft GFS Datacenter Tour, 2011/07/24

Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2011 19:00:54 +0900
Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS) Data Center紹介ビデオです:

"Microsoft GFS Datacenter Tour"
 2011/07/24, MSGFSTeam, 10:17, 720p

"Microsoft Shares Video Tour of its Cloud Datacenters"
 25 Jul 201 msdcblog 

  "Today our team is releasing a video tour of four of Microsoft's
   global datacenters. The video provides an inside look at how
   the company has invested heavily to rapidly evolve its datacenter
   IT infrastructure and best practices to deliver greater scalability,
   reliability, efficiency, security, and sustainability."

は上記 YouTubeビデオの埋め込みです。

TechNet Blogs > MS Datacenters
Microsoft Global Foundation Services (GFS)
Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Channel, YouTube
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